AUFAD VILLAGE The Orphanage in Benin City First Aid Course Physically challenged Mission and Vision for Chad

Current Project
Detailed information about the projects can be found in the "End of year report 2010".


The Orphanage in Benin City

2006/2007,  We donated about 200 copies of Aufad note books from Aufad Village Project and stationeries to facilitate the immidiate commencement of their schooling.
We equally donate one bag of Rice every month until we find good hearted people or Organizations that will take responsibility for their food.
AUFAD e.V. is still working together with the Edo orphanage home in meeting up with the needs of  the children.
Check our picture achieves and you will find the pictures of your beautiful children. Their names and date of birth are all inclusive.
If you decide to donate to any of your children, please contact Mr. Ikharo Shadrach the manager or Professor S. E. Orobator, CEO, FESH complete package.
Direct contact with any of them means your preferred child or children is supported or sponsored by you.

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